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School Meals


At Northern Saints school meals are provided by a consortium which is part of Sunderland City Council.  They aim to provide a variety of nutritious meals at a reasonable cost.  To view the menu, please see the link below.


Currently, the weekly cost is £11.00 and the consortium charges the school for meals that they provide for your children.  This is why it is important for parents to pay each Monday morning or bulk payments in advance.  Cash payments can be made at the school office or you may pay online using the link below.  Please note that we operate a 'no debt' policy.


School meals are provided free of charge under the universal free school meals scheme to all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  From Year 3, meals must be paid for unless you qualify for free school meals because of financial reasons.  If you think you may be entitled, please use the link below to apply.  The school will also benefit from additional funding for your child should your eligibility be confirmed.


As an alternative to school meals, your child may bring a packed lunch.  For changes from school meals to packed lunches and vice versa, please notify the office two weeks in advance in order that we can advise the consortium to amend their food orders.  Children must be consistent with school meals or packed lunches, we are unable to accommodate daily changes.  We promote healthy eating and so would ask you to check the link below for which items are suitable for your child's packed lunch.


Menu 2019-20 


Online Payments


Apply for free school meals 


Packed lunches