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Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success - both in school and in life
Here at Northern Saints we strive for the best for your child by working together and ensuring your child attends school regular is one of the ways we can work together.
If your child is absent firstly please contact the school to inform us of the reason why. School attendance target is 97%. If your child’s attendance begins to decline or your child is absent and we have not received information the following will happen….

  • Parent/carer will receive a phone call or text requesting a reason for child’s absence.
  • If parents do not contact school and child is off a number of days a home visit maybe carried out by ATT100 an attendance agency school work closely with on supporting parents with attendance.
  • A meeting maybe requested with parent and family worker to offer support with attendance or any issues affecting child’s attendance.
  • A target maybe set by ATT100 or medical evidence may need to be provided if child is persistently absent.
  • If a child is persistently absent and parent/carer has not engaged with school the case will be referred to the local authority and parents will be fined.
Here at Northern Saints we do not want to fine any parent so if you do have an issue or concerns around your child’s attendance do not hesitate to contact the family worker for support or advice.  For full details of our Attendance procedures, please see our
Just to remind parents attendance is important but just as important is punctuality. Please see below the importance of punctuality.