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At the end of the day we all want to belong to an outstanding school where we thrive, learn a great deal, are happy, successful and come out at the other end well prepared for the next stage of life. That’s true for our children, staff, parents and those we become involved with through partnerships with business or working alongside the local community.
But we know there’s always someone else around the corner to tell us how we need to do this or that and change what we are doing which can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. There are also many pressures in society to make our young children conform – pressures that can lead away from safety, excellence and success. So we thought it best to set out our Christian values and ethos which make this Church school such a great place – a school that you will want to be part of and one to make you proud.
We say we are Building on Firm Foundations at Northern Saints. These themes form the basis of all that we do and encapsulate our broad values and ethos.
There are six foundations which give our school its particular strength.