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Church Of England

Northern Saints Primary School is part of the Diocese of Durham and Newcastle.  Our recent SIAMs inspection (July 2018) judged the school to be ‘outstanding’, as highlighted below:

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Northern Saints as a Church of England school are outstanding


  • Distinctive Christian values, rooted in the gospel and appropriate to the heritage and context of the school, have a significant impact on pupils' lives and achievements.
  • Pupils are excited about religious education (RE) and relish the challenge it offers.  It contributes significantly to the Christian character of the school.
  • RE and collective worship are exceptionally well led, resulting in highly effective practice in these areas.
  • The distinctive Christian nature of collective worship ensures that pupils have a very well-developed understanding of the significance of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith and of hte Christian belief in the Trinity.
  • Standards in RE are high and progress is rapid as a result of a well planned and richly resourced curriculum.
  • Leaders confidently articulate a shared vision for the school directly flowing from the school's Christian values and passionate advocacy of justice.
  • Every opportunity is taken to empower and develop staff as future leaders in church schools.


Collective Worship

At Northern Saints we understand the importance of the spiritual life of all members of the school community.  At Northern Saints there is an essential partnership between the content and conduct of school worship and the ethos of the school.  Staff and pupils share together in daily collective worship in order to support the promotion of Christian values.

“Worship is central to the life of the school. All pupils and staff fully engage in daily worship, which is lively and thought provoking.” SIAMS 2018

Religious Education

At Northern Saints our RE study follows the diocesan syllabus with a central focus on Christianity. Other world faiths are studied throughout the year enabling pupils to increase their cultural awareness. Lessons are creative and vibrant with visits and visitors being a central part of learning.

“RE teaching is given high importance by senior leaders, who manage and evaluate the subject effectively. Teachers speak with confidence about a subject which underpins many aspects of the school.” SIAMS 2018
Local Church Links

At Northern Saints we are proud to have strong links with local parish and diocese. Members of the clergy are regular visitors within collective worship and RE lessons.  We also partner with organisations such as Wearside Youth For Christ, Salvation Army and local church leaders to help with charity initiatives such as collecting for food parcels at Christmas.  Youth For Christ run a weekly after school club for our KS2 children and this has proven to be a huge success over the past few years with children commenting about how it is helping them in their everyday life.

“When pupils are given opportunities to explore and describe their views and opinions on questions of significance and importance, they do so with enthusiasm and confidence” SIAMs 2018