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School Governing Body

Northern Saints Church of England VA Primary School is a Voluntary Aided (VA) school.
This means that the school is ‘aided’ and supported by the Local Authority and has its budget set and delivered through the Local Authority scheme.  However the school is not ‘controlled’ by the Local Authority.
In practice Voluntary Aided status means that:
The Governing Body of the school are the employers
The number of foundation Governors appointed by the Diocese outweigh numbers of other Governors by 2.
The Headteacher is the senior professional adviser to the Governors and is also a Governor.
Governors are the ‘relevant body’ so they are responsible for hearing all appeals, complaints and for making decisions regarding the school; there is no recourse to the Local Authority.
Governors are charged with maintaining the strategic governance of the school but they are not responsible for and do not get involved in the day to day management of the school.

School Governor information
Chair:  Ann Hodgson                                      Headteacher:  Mr J A Jones
(Re appointed on 18.11.2019 for 1 year)
Vice-chair:  Reverend Stephen Elstob
(appointed 12.11.2018 for 2 years)
NOTE:  Guide to the Law: Point 78. The quorum for any committee meeting and for any vote must be three governors who are members of the committee (or more) as determines by the committee.

Link Governors
The Quality of Education Tina Murphy and Eileen Watson
Behaviour & Attitudes Tina Murphy and Richard Bell
Personal Development Reverend Jen Bradshaw
Leadership & ManagementJo Warner and Stephen Elstob
Early Years Education Claire Robson
Pupil Premium - Olivia McCoy
Attendance Jo Warner
Safeguarding Tina Murphy
SEN Eileen Watson
In the table below, ‘Pecuniary Interests’ including whether or not the Governor has any financial or business interests or whether they have a governance roleat another school.
Name Category Appointed Date Appointed By Pecuniary Interests
Mr J A Jones Headteacher 01-09-2019 Automatic Appointment No
Mrs A Hodgson Foundation 17-07-2017 Diocese Board of Sunderland College
Rev S Elstob Foundation 09.09.2013 Diocese No
Mrs J Warner Foundation 06.11.207 Diocese Assistant Director of Education, Durham Diocese
Mrs E Watson Foundation 17.07.2017 Diocese  
Mrs T Murphy Foundation 05.06.2014 Diocese Headteacher CEO and Governor at Holy Trinity Academy, South Tyneside.  National Leader of Education
Rev J Bradshaw Foundation 08.11.2018 Deanery Synod  
R Bell LA 13.11.2017 Governing Body Chair of Governors Redhouse Nursery
Mrs C Robson Associate 12.11.2018 Governing Body  
Mrs O McCoy Foundation 20.11.2018 Governing Body  
Mr S Murphy Parent 25.09.2019 Parent election  
Mrs S Sloanes Parent 25.09.2019 Parent election  
Miss E Maxfield Staff 01.09.2019 Staff election  
Governors Travel & Subsistence Allowance
Governors have agreed to adopt travel and subsistence allowances in line with Local Authority rates
Resources Committee Meetings
Mrs E Watson (Chair), Mr R Bell, Mrs A Hodgson, Mr A Jones (Headteacher – no voting rights), Ms O McCoy, Mrs T Murphy

Curriculm, Standards & Admissions Committee Meetings
Mrs J Warner (Chair), Mr A Jones (Headteacher), Ms E Maxfield, Mr S Murphy, Mrs T Murphy

Headteacher Performance Management Panel
(Quorum 2-3 Governors): Mr R Bell, Mrs J Warner & Mrs E Watson.  Review Officer: Mrs A Hodgson
Pupil Discipline Committee
(Quorum 3 Governors) – Mrs A Hodgson (Chair) – Clerk to contact Chair of Governors to nominate governors to this committee as required
Complaints Committee
(Quorum 3 Governors)
Selection Panel (HT/DHT Appointments)
(Quorum 3 Governors, including Chair)
Selection Panel (Teaching Staff)
(Headteacher + 1 Governor with Safer Recruitment)
Appeals Committee
Any governors involved in the original decision cannot be invited to attend.  Note – Appeals Committee must be the same number as the meeting when previously considered.  Staff would be excluded from attending
(Quorum 3 Governors)
The Governor Support Team from Sunderland City Council will act as Clerk to the Governing Board and Committees